Eating Keto Low Carb on a budget: Grocery shopping tripe 14 Meals under $20

Every one thinks eating clean is expensive, I'll show you it's not. Go with me on a grocery shopping trip getting my keto, low carb meals for under $20 and 14 meals.

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Grocery shopping for keto and low carb food to hit calories (most important to hit goals is to hit calories) you have to spend a lot of money on high priced meats and veggies. 

People say they can't eat low carb, keto due to the price of food.

Look I get it, I was thinking the same thing!

1. Make A Game Plan

No, I don't mean cut coupons and look at all the adds.

Make a list of keto, low carb meals that you are going to get.

When you go in having a plan, it is much easier to stick to the items on your list and stay within your budget. 

2. Enter Your Item


When you have your keto, low carb list. I found a site that you can enter in your "Ground Beef" and enter your Zip Code and it will show you the sales that are going around your local grocery stores.

3. Making Store List

Find the best deals and write the store down, along with the sale item. Do this for the rest of your items. You will be shocked by how much you will save!

Example 1lb Ground Beef runs in my state (AZ) for $3-$5 a pound, I'll find it on sale for $.97 a pound! Safeway normally has the best deals for beef. Personally, when I am shopping for meats, such as beef, I like to keep the cost to under $3 per pound. As for Chicken, All Day under $1 a pound! 

4. Go Shopping! 

But First Slam A True Meal! "Don't ever go to the Grocery Store Hungry"

Now that you have your game plan, you have the stores with the sales, GO shopping! I normally go to 2 or 3 Grocery stores, but there are times that the best deals are all at one! I have my list, so I know what I am at each store for, this allows me to be in and out of the store quickly. Having the Keto Low carb grocery list I grab and go, not being lost in the store. It takes me more time packing the frig with all the meats in the containers that I love.

For my veggies, I always just get the Great value freezer veggies.

You will find that my meals are super simple! Because let's be real...We should all "Eat to live, not live to eat!"


Make a list of Keto Low carb groceries for the week, have a game plan.

Find grocery stores with the best prices.

Go and shop, keep to your list and you will be in and out of the stores.

I tend to go to 3 different stores but that is it, they are all super close to each other so it's not a bad day trip will get done in just an hour! Now go out and get your weeks worth of Groceries! 

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