Monthly Custom Plan


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What is the monthly plan?

Everything you need to help with hitting goals

Custom plans

Get access to custom plan software to make a plan every month. No more tracking caloires or macros what to eat or how much to eat.

Get the app!

on the go app with workout progams how to videos tips ans tricks of eating healthy. Ask for help to make this simple

Joing the Comunity

Joing the growing comunity of every one doing this together sharing meal ideas and reccips results and asking for help from others doing this together all in the app

Step one

After you place your order, will be sent a welcome email to a link to fill out a client intake form. For the custom plan and a link to creat account for the app. This is where you will input the information needed to create your custom meal plan with personalized customizations, so you don't have to track calories or macros anymore, making eating simple. All guesswork is taken out.

Step two

After the form has been submitted, you will receive the custom plan with 2 emails in 24 hours. One will be a hard copy of the plan, and the other will be an email for you to create your profile. This is where you can make food swap options for your custom meal plan.

Step Three

Creat your account for the app and get the app and start to thrive in the comunty asking questions ands seeing every ones meals and reuslts. Get motivated every day in the app.

What a custom meal plan can look like

With a custom plan, you will have three meals a day, each consisting of a meat and a vegetable. Everything is portioned and sized to meet your daily calorie goals based on the information you provide on the client intake form. You can add any spices or seasonings you like to your meals. The custom meal plan is designed to take all the guesswork out of eating, and you can even swap out foods you like or dislike. You can also use any salad dressing you prefer instead of the olive oil listed on the plan. You can reset your plan every week or every month, and there is a wide variety of meals to choose from, including doing the same meal for an entire week. If you feel stressed when going out to eat, you can pick any item at the restaurant that meets your calorie goals with a meat and a vegetable. The monthly custom plan breaks down how simple it is to eat and what to eat. You only need a food scale to measure out portion sizes. There is no better time to start than right now with your next meal. What results could you have achieved if you started last month?