quitting before even starting

Most people never start the plan never put in the effort to make the change. Did you make a change did you try? 

What is your why??I've been doing this for a long time and I realized people just don't start. If we don't be the change we cant change. So ask yourself why did you want to start? 

No one can ever make you do anything you don't want to do. but you signed up for this to make the change to make the number one thing that stops people from getting the results they want and that is eating. guessing what to eat how much to eat put stress on you and make you want to give up when we are going in blind with no plan. That's what the custom plan will do take all the guess workout. 

Why are we quitting? 
Is it the $1 a day? 
Cant eat real food everyday due to having to have cake and soda?
Or just due to not not going all in and really making the change?

People like to blame every one ells why they don't get results with everything in life but what it comes down to is you just didn't do it. Its tough for people to relies that for themselves but when you realized you are 100% InControl of what you do and what you eat you than understand you can make the changes you can do it its just you have to change.

SO if we want to quit please hit the i want to quit button

Now if you got amazing results! congrats don't change edit don't go back to what made you gain the weight back! Keep your why for ever and don't get complacent! 

Plan will be deleted and canceled same day of quitting.

99% will not even read this page.....