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Natural Women's Hormone support 

Could Improve

PCOS symptoms

Increase libido metabolism

menstrual cycle symptoms


Signs You May Need Hormone Balance:
• Changes in mood and irritability.
• Increased urinary tract infections.
• Thinning of the skin and hair.
• Discomfort during sex.
• Hot flashes.

Benefits of Hormone Balance:
1. Regulates estrogen & hormones.
2. Aids in reducing hot flashes.
3. Lowers cholesterol.
4. Increases libido.


Black Cohosh (Ramifemin)Is used to treat hot flashes, excessive sweating, vaginal
dryness, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and is shown
to treat hot flashes better than estrogen treatments.

Red Clover: Helps restore and balance hormones and contains
estrogen-like compounds that boost estrogen levels. In
addition, red clover contains calcium and magnesium
both of which aid in relaxing the nervous system.

Vitamin E: Helps the cardiovascular system by lowering cholesterol.
Studies in women over the age of 65 showed a 24%

reduction in heart disease and a 49% decrease in cardio--
vascular death rates.