Why every thing you are eating is wrong for losing weight

With everyone wanting to get healthy and wanting to drop Lbs, fit into the lost skinny jeans in the closet, wanting to get the shredded body for summer. True Meal was developed to help aid in that. The biggest problem with everyone reaching their individual goals is not hitting the right amount of calories. Most people are eating less than what they need to burn fat off the body. We get it everyone tells you to eat less. When you deplete your calories more than 30% of your resting metabolic rate, you have the risk to slow down your metabolism and cannibalize your muscle. The scale might be moving, but you are not losing the unwanted fat. 

Let's break it down for you, If you needed 1600 calories to drop the Lbs and you would eat four times a day you would need to have 400 calories per meal. The calories have to be the right calories; not all calories are the same. Your body will react differently to 1600 of wine compared to 1600 calories of protein. It's all about controlling your insulin levels. With high insulin spikes, you have a greater chance to store fats. True Meal has no sugars and less than 2 grams of carbs. Those two elements are what will cause insulin spikes. Fats has such a bad name, but the intake of fats will not cause the body to have a high in insulin spike. In which, you can intake the fat calories and not have to be worried about your insulin levels skyrocketing out of control.

This is why True Meal was developed. To help reach your calories goals with the convenience of a shake. Made with the best ingredients of the best protein and 0 sugars less than 2 grams of carbs and loaded with healthy fats. 

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