Why Calories are the most important when trying to do keto low carb or any Diet

Why calories are the most important when trying to do keto low carb or any Diet

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I get it. We have all been told eat less do more but you can eat too little.


What can happen to the body when not eating enough calories

When under eating for your resting metabolic rate even doing keto or even low-carb your body will begin to slow down the metabolism, due to the lack of calories.
When your body begins to slow down the metabolism it will start to go into starvation mode, in which it can start to break down its own muscle mass to take in more proteins. Our bodies are made to survive and that is a survival mechanism instead of burning its own fat. The body will break down its own muscle to get in more protein and calories. Fat insulates the body keeping it warm, so the body will not break it down for fuel when calories are too low and you enter starvation mode.
This is why you will see so many people who are skinny fat, they’re not super overweight they’re thin but they’re soft and squishy.  If the calories are too low your energy level will plummet quickly due to the lack of caloric calorie intake. when calories are to low the body will want to take the carbs and sugars and turn them into fats to keep the storage high due to it thinking it might not eat again. 

WHat is resting metabolic rate?

This is the amount of energy or calories you need to just live not to gain weight and or lose weight. 
This is a very important number to know if you’re working out if you’re active if you’re not active. You still have a certain amount of calories that you need to take in to survive. Depending on how active you are your calories will need to go up to have the right amount of calories to perform the workout or exercise. It's best to use a calorie calculator to see the number of calories you should be around for goals. This is the one that I use Calorie Calculator.

Every one is Different

Everyone’s calories are different. How calories are calculated are from the person's height, weight, age, and activity level. That’s why asking somebody how many calories they are eating for weight loss, you should not go off of their number. Your calories could be higher or lower.
Example.... if two people were to walk around the track same height age and activity level but one weighs 150 pounds and the other weighs 300 pounds which one is going to burn more calories on that one lap?
oh, and they are walking the same speed together.
If your answer was the person who was 300 pounds, you are correct!
Someone who weighs more will burn more calories doing an activity due to the amount of weight the body has to move.
Find the calorie calculator Here 

My Personal calories for fat burning 

The amount of calories that I have to take in to lose weight is 2400 cal. Whenever I tell people how many calories I take in for weight loss everyone is shocked due to everyone thinking 1200 cal is the right amount of calories you’re taking in to lose weight which is not correct and why so many people fail with diets.
If I were doing cardio my calorie intake would be just about 2600 to 2700 cal. I would have to take in more calories to make up for the number of calories that I would burn during that cardio session. I personally break up my calories into 800 cal per meal and do three meals a day. To make it simple to do every day. You have to make it simple and easy to stick with it, don’t over complicate it.



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