What inspired the personal trainer in me

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The journey

It started back right when I got out of high school. I Graduated at only 130lb pounds and 5,6 tall. As my goal of wanting to go play college football, that weight was not gonna cut it. Long story short I took a year off to gain weight and put on muscle, I ended up getting to about 160 pounds. But with this story, this isn’t the reason why I wanted to be a trainer it wasn’t that I love fitness.

It truly had nothing to do with the gym, honestly I hate working out but I know I have to work out to have the body I want.
This is the true reason why I started personal training and having my own studio


How it all started.

That next summer I went to a pool party and ran into one of my old friends. He had been in college for a year and gained the good old freshman 30-60. Everyone was swimming and he wasn’t due to being afraid of getting in the pool and taking off his shirt. Everyone was asking me what I was doing to get into shape. He ended up coming up and asking me if I could train him and help him lose weight.


I was super reluctant to train him, I wanted to focus on myself and not have to have someone slowing me down. I have never trained someone before but I was able to get myself results, so I didn’t see why I couldn’t help someone else get results as well.


So I agreed and told him when to come to the gym.


He made a couple of goals and he really wanted to fit into a nice pair of jeans. He wasn’t able to fit into the good looking jeans that he really wanted to have. He had to get oversized boring jeans.


What happened after that will change my life forever

Within a couple of months, he was crushing goals, he was able to get into a new pair of designer jeans.


What hit me the hardest was how he changed as a person with just weight loss.


I was so shocked that I was able to be a part of his journey and help someone completely change the way they held themselves. He had gained more confidence, he would come to tell me at the gym "I’m going on a date with a girl" he was so excited about it and it just made me feel so good inside and the gratification that I got that I knew I was able to help him with this journey.


So with seeing how this made me feel I just graduate high school had no idea what I wanted to do in life but because of him, I wanted to be a personal trainer and help as many people as possible get healthy and confident again.

What I never got

I was never overweight, I was always the skinny kid who had abs, was never afraid to take my shirt off in front of people.


I never understood how people who were overweight felt and what they go through when they are not confident in themselves, being afraid to go to those pool parties being afraid to have to take their shirt off.


He opens my eyes to see how people feel when overweight.


So this is my "why" I became a personal trainer to help as many people gain confidence in themselves.


Nothing can express the feeling I get when someone reaches out saying I help them change their life. 


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