The Number 1 thing before starting any diet

The Number 1 thing before starting any diet

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This one thing, this one simple thing can be what holds you to your diet. It can help you accomplish any weight loss goal. It's so powerful it can get you to accomplish all of your dreams. 



And what is that you ask?

It's you're "why" 

Before you start anything before you think about setting goals, you have a "why" you want to accomplish those goals

You're "why" is what will hold you to whatever goal you have set. It's going to push you every day to do the thing you need to do to accomplish your goals.


What is a "why"? 

I'm not talking about  " I want to get healthy"

I'm talking about "why do you want to get healthy?"

  • You want to live a long happy life with your kids and family, being able to run around with your grandkids.
  • You want to get off all the high blood presser meds, get off the insulin and prescriptions. 
  • you want to be more confident in yourself to be able to go out at night and have fun in your hot dress/suit.
  • You want to feel better getting out of bed having more energy not being tired all of the time.
  • you want to fix your marriage 

These are great "whys" 

They all have a purpose behind them.

I Truly believe when you have a great "why" you will be able to think of that your "why" whenever you are about to eat those cookies in the cabinet or, at the office party they have the cake out. You will not want to eat it when you think about your "why".

This even works best when you have to do the thing to accomplish your why.

  • Those days you don't want to go to the gym
  • If you are under on calories and don't want to eat.
You think about your "why" at that moment if it's good enough you are going to do whatever it takes.


This is all I ask from you after reading this. 

Find your "why" really sit down and think about it. You're why is what will get you what you want with any goals in life.

If you want please share you're why in the comments below, comment on the post comment on the video. you just writing it down can make you realize that you have to start with your "why".

Everyone needs to start with a "why" 

Please share you don't know who in your friends can use this to hit their goals you never know who it may change.

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