Keto: All carbs Vs Net carbs. What works the best for weight loss


Are net carbs Slowing Down Your results on Keto?

The big question is all carbs or net carbs? 

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What are net carbs? 

Net carbs are when you read a label and it says it has 10g of carbs and 4g of fiber you subtract the fiber from the 10 and now you have 6g of net carbs some people even will subtract sugar alcohols as well from the carbs.

What are all carbs?

All carbs are when the label says 10 g of carbs you add that 10g of carbs to your macronutrients you don’t do any subtraction adding what the label says is what you ate

Why I found when doing net carbs and why I do all carbs now. 

 Three years ago when I started doing keto, I was tracking my blood sugars and my ketones with the strips. Everyone says you can have as many veggies as you want, It won’t kick you out of ketosis because of all the fiber. So I had an entire bag of green beans check my blood sugars. Then after that meal checked my levels and they had spiked and I was kicked out of ketosis and it was from the green beans cause what I had with it was a steak. So with that conclusion, I found that I needed to count all carbs and not net carbs and to stay around 20g of carbs. My blood sugars were never spiked doing this. I then stayed in ketosis with only taking in veggies to be my carbs and still staying around 20g of carbs, not net.


How stalls start to break

People are struggling and hitting stalls all the time and what I have found with all carbs vs net carbs. I ask them “ are you doing all carbs or net carbs”?  When they say they are doing net carbs I have them switch over to all cards. What do you know, the stalls are broken and the fat starts falling off the body.

Why I see all carbs work better than net carbs 

 I feel as net carbs it gives people more of an opportunity to take in more carbohydrates and have a higher chance of spiking insulin and getting kicked out of ketosis. People are making more sweets and pastries with the keto bread‘s and can load up on a lot of carbs doing this. 

 Making it simple by not subtracting all of the fiber and sugar alcohols can make it a lot easier to hit your 20g of carbs and not giving yourself an opportunity to mess up and take in more carbs than you should be taking in, to keep your blood sugar is down.



All carbs versus net carbs, I do all carbs do to people breaking stalls going from net carbs to all carbs and from one bag of green beans kicking me out of ketosis. I will always do all carbs instead of net carbs keep tracking calories and macronutrients simple, no subtractions just adding. See what you can do this week with all carbs and not net.

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