Is a cheat meal/day stopping my results

Is a cheat meal/day stopping my results



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You hear it all the time. "today’s my cheat day"

most people usually have the weekend as their cheat day a Saturday or a Sunday.

But can that one day ruin your entire week of keto low carb eating and hard work at the gym?

Here is what can happen on your cheat day.

You eat clean all week but then on your cheat day, you eat the food loaded in carbs and sugary. Your body has such high blood sugar levels to where insulin and glucose levels go through the roof.

You think it’s OK because it’s just one day of eating bad right?

The problem with this.

Sure you eat all of that and just have one cheat day, but for how long is it gonna take the body to regulate blood sugar all the way back down to get that insulin down and start to use your own fat as energy instead of glucose. I take about 3 to 4 days for my body to start using fat as energy and fuel for the body instead of glucose.

Let’s put it into perspective

I make my cheat day on a Sunday as most people have it. 

I have as much Dr. Pepper as I want, a bouzouki, french fries, and a big fat cheeseburger.

I am not going to be burning fat as energy for the next 3 to 4 days.

So Monday to Thursday I’ll be eating clean low-carb but still not be burning the fat as I should be.

So from Thursday to Saturday, I will finally be in fat burning mode.

So from one cheat day a week and eating clean for six days I will only be fat adapted for three out of the seven days.

It seems to me it is not worth it at all and who really likes feeling bloated and sick to your stomach from all of the carbs and sugars.

Sure it tasted good but it is not worth it when you were trying to achieve those goals.

This is one thing I have learned

when you realize you have to eat to live than live to eat, you look at food completely differently. You look at a good healthy plate of protein and vegetables and know those nutrients your body is going to use and it’s going to help become more healthy, then you look at a piece a cake than realize, "yeah it’ll taste good for a little bit" but you’ll feel terrible after and it is going to negatively affect your goals.

Is one day of eating bad really worth only burning fat for three days out of seven?


Having one cheat day a week can significantly slow down your results for your weight-loss goals.

It can take 3-4 days to get back into fat burning mode.
Have the mindset that you have to eat to live then leave to eat. Food is nutrients that the body needs to survive.
Think about it the next time you want to cheat....


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