What to look for in a protein meal replacement shake. Are you really drinking the best?


 If it’s not Fullerton Nutrition it’s not the best!

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 Just kidding kind of...

 There are so many different proteins out there Different colors shapes sizes grams of protein what really is the best,  what are you supposed to look for in a protein?

 What to look for 

 The most important thing you should look at when you’re reading a label on a protein supplement bottle is other ingredients.  If protein is not the first ingredient don’t even pick it up put it right back where you got it. 

 How nutrition facts labels work are the highest amount of ingredients are listed first and go down from the least amount of ingredients. 

 So if your protein shake does not have protein as its first ingredient it’s not a good one. 

 Different types of proteins 

 So when you’re reading the list of different protein ingredients you will see that there are tons of different types of proteins that are funny named and it’s hard to know what is best. 

 There are so many different kinds of concentrated whey proteins, isolate whey, hydrolyzed way, casein protein, soy protein, pea protein, rice protein, hemp protein.

This is just a list of a few you will see in a lot of protein shakes.

 What I only look for in a protein and meal replacement shakes

Only shakes with the first ingredient isolate whey or hydrolyzed whey protein. Those two are the best quality of whey proteins.  They are a smaller more pure protein molecule, the carbs fats and lactose are filtered out of the whey molecules. So it leaves you with just the protein. 

 This is why I have seen people who are lactose intolerant be able to drink whey protein shakes when it’s an isolate whey or hydrolyzed whey. 

 You have more pure filtered molecule the body absorbs it quicker so it goes in and repairs the muscles and used as energy quicker. 

I like to have a casein protein in it as well, Casein protein is a more dense molecule of protein and takes longer to digest so it feeds you longer and you can feel fuller longer as well. 

Proteins I will never drink

 Concentrated whey protein concentrate is the raw form right from the cow and the Lowest quality protein. 

This protein is what gives Whey protein a bad name because people will get bloated gassy right after drinking a shake. 

No one likes feeling bloated.

 You’ll find a concentrated whey in most of the protein shakes you can find at the stores and supplement shops or even the network marketing companies at that. 

 And why is that?

It’s the cheapest protein that you can Have in a supplement. It’s not filtered from the lactose the carbs and fats. It’s such a big molecule that your shake can say 30g of protein and it’s a concentrated whey it could really only be 9g of protein, do to concentrate always being about 30% to 80% actual protein. Because the molecules are so big they’re not filtered from the carbs fats and lactose. 

Be careful though some companies will have a concentrated whey and an Isolate Whey. But they can have 28 g of concentrate away and add 1g of isolate whey and still say it has isolate way. 

 Even If it has the cliché grass fed whey protein marketing all over it you still don’t want to do a concentrated way even if it’s grass fed. Grass fed can be a little bit better than non-grass fed concentrated whey but an isolate or hydrolyzed whey means nothing if it’s grass-fed or not. 

 Soy protein, plant-based proteins

I don’t like plant-based proteins especially soy protein. what it does to estrogen levels for men and even women are absolutely terrible and I will not put that stuff in my body. Having high estrogen levels can cause weight gain and lower testosterone levels. 

Plant-based protein versus animal-based protein

I get it some people are vegetarian, some people are vegan, and some people are meat eaters but the genetic makeup of plant protein versus animal protein there’s one gene missing. It is a very beneficial building block that you need and that is why I will never do a plant-based protein. 

Why do you think doctors don’t recommend someone who is pregnant to be vegan?

This is the breakdown of what I look for in protein and meal replacement shakes.


I only drink protein shakes that are isolate or hydrolyze whey.

I do not do concentrator whey due to being the lowest quality and cheapest protein you can find.

I’m not going to be doing plant-based proteins due to the lack of amino acid that your body needs and the risk of estrogen levels changing due to soy protein

There are so many brands out there, be sure to read the first ingredients at the very bottom when it says "other ingredients". 

But really if it doesn’t say Fullerton Nutrition it’s not the best 

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