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Fat loss Plan! 


This is how my clients and I lose weight

This is a simple breakdown of the steps i take with myself and clients. Don't have to call it keto don't even need to do keto. It comes down to controlling calories and keeping the blood sugars down. With people implementing simple steps there have been people who have reversed type 2 diabetes, women in their 50s down over 20lb in 4 weeks . People with PCOS hashimoto's down over 80lb in 9 months. Even have people over 100Lb down in less than a year. People are eating way more calories and have one down over 90lb eating 3k calories a day when first starting. Remember we do this to look good naked not about the scale! Find your “why” and get started now don't say you will start Tomorrow! Watch the full video. All I ask is for you to share this with friends and family when you start to get results. Let me know this is why I do this makes my day when people reach out and are hitting goals!
Step One
You need to use a calorie calculator to find your calorie goals for your height, weight, age and activity levels. This is the most important when it comes to hitting goals for weight loss, weight gains or even maintaining the weight. This is where most people go wrong when trying to lose weight is under eating. A Lot can happen if you are not taking in the right amount of calories definitely under eating. Will be lacking the protein the body needs. That is why a lot of people will lose hair when cutting calories. Can slow down the metabolism, hormone changes which hormones play a big role in living a healthy life. So be sure to use the calorie calculator here on the site.
Macros, Fats, Carbs, Protein
Now we have calories, now it comes down to what we are eating. We don't want to fill are body with all the candy soda cake and pasta we need nutrient dense food to help nourish the body and let it run on peak performance. What I do even on the keto diet is take in 60% of my calories are coming from fats 35% 5% from carbs. In the video above is a full breakdown be sure to watch the full video
All carbs or Net carbs? This is a huge one to talk about and is key. Net carbs are when you subtract the fiber and sugar alcohols from the carb count from the labels. All carbs are when the nutrition facts say 6g carbs you had 6g carbs.
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